YOGA NIDRA Guided somatic meditation

Yoga nidra, sometimes described as the medititive heart of yoga, is a  nourishing and relaxing practice that guides the mind and body into a deep state of stillness.  


It is traditionally practiced lying down in a comfortable position with pillows and blankets as needed but any posture that supports ease and letting go of tension is also fine.


The profound release that is possible with this practice can lead to a strong sense of rest and rejuvination. Accessing deep unconscious mind allows us to tap in to a well spring of joy, creativity and purpose. 


The stilling of day to day consciousness can allow us to rest in our true nature, a place of deep intimacy with ourselves and the world we live in.


​Establishing a felt sense of safety, nurture and support is an important aspect of the style that I teach. This helps to provide grounding and a resource for stability when dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of life. Contemporary research into Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) suggests that yoga nidra  can help with better sleep and reduce anxiety. 

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