Our bodies can accumulate long term tension patterns as a result of traumatic events or general stress in day to day living.


Through a sequence of simple exercises, TRE activates a natural reflex mechanism which releases held tension, calms the nervous system and encourages a state of calm and balance. 

Developed by David Berceli Phd, TRE has helped over a million people worldwide, from civilian populations involved in natural disasters,war veterans recovering from PTSD, and individuals wanting to live life more freely.


Once learned, TRE can become a self-help tool, allowing stress and tension to be naturally shaken off when needed. 

There is no need to recall past events in a TRE session, the body knows where tension is stored and also knows how to release this at its own pace.

I offer both group and one to one TRE sessions in Totnes, Devon. Please see the workshops and classes page to find out more.

One to one sessions run for an hour and cost £40. The first  session will generally be one and a half hours and costs £40.00.

TRE Trauma and tension release exercises

TRE was developed by David Bercelli, Phd, who continues to inspire and innovate the practice. 

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