TRE and Yoga Nidra


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Calming down from a state of heightened alert allows us to unwind into the potential for more ease and less stress in our lives. You are invited to experience TRE's capacity to rebalance and retrain the nervous system. 


Simple exercises are used to activate our innate ability to let go of physical and emotional tension in a way that is both safe and relaxing. Once this natural process is relearned, TRE can be used as a simple self help method for deep relaxation of body and mind. We will also explore the resources that can be helpful in bringing a sense of safety and ease when experiencing the effects of stress and trauma.

The workshop completes with a nurturing Yoga Nidra relaxation for deep rest.

Everyone welcome.

Please book by email or phone and pay on the day.


Birdwood HouseTotnes

Sat 16th Nov 2019

I'll be offering a place to stop and rest, meeting your experience as it is happening with Yoga Nidra. The Festival is a great place to practice a whole range of different yoga styles and meet up with friends, old and new. There's a cafe throughout the day and a bhajan celebration in the evening. More details and booking:

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