The journey towards more ease in my body really started when an osteopath friend recommended the Alexander Technique over fifteen years ago. The resulting course of lessons not only released the chronic back pain I'd been experiencing for years, but gave me a completely fresh experience of  living with my body with greater ease and awareness. 


Later on, deeper patterns of held tension started to surface and I began to explore the experience of trauma and how this is held and released in the body. I am extremely grateful for the work of David Berceli Phd who developed  TRE.  It was a great relief to find a healing form that  supported and encouraged the releasing that my body yearned for and I knew from the first session that this was something I wanted to share.


I have practiced meditation and mindfulness in different traditions over the past three decades, including long term teacher suppported silent retreats. I particularly enjoy the deep resting  and nurturing of  joy and creativity that can be found in Yoga Nidra practice.

My background is in Horticultural Therapy, working primarily with people with severe mental health problems using gardening, nature connection exercises and Goethean Observation. In my experience these practices can all help to develop a healthy reconnection with ourselves and the world we live in. I am currently exploring this connection through becoming quiet in wild landscape and recording any response through the medium of photography. 


I am a STAT certified Alexander Technique teacher, and a Certified TRE provider. My Yoga Nidra teaching is strongly influenced by iRest and the work of Richard Miller Phd who has developed a form that particularly supports recovery from trauma and PTSD.


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